International Summer School on iOS Game Development"

July 23-27, 2013 - Leiria, Portugal (Europe)
Welcome to the "International Summer School on iOS Game Development", a once in a lifetime experience: 5 intense days to learn how to create your own games for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

It's a Summer School…
This will be a very intense experience, giving participants the maximum amount of knowledge during 5 days, to allow them to develop fantastic games for iOS devices. To achieve that, the sessions will have a lecture format (talks) - the sessions materials (slides, code, Xcode projects) will be available to all participants.
At the end of each day, there will be a hands-on session, where participants can test the things they have learned, with teacher supervision if necessary, or simply discuss your own game issues with someone with higher game development experience.

It's international…
English will be the official language during these 5 days.

It's about iOS…
Although some concepts still apply to other systems, the summer school will focus only on iOS devices, their technologies and Objective-C language.

It's about Game Development…
The focus will be on game development, both 2D and 3D games.

Classroom or e-Learning...
You may choose to attend iGD2013 in person, or with e-learning.


Do I need to bring a Mac computer and an iOS device?
During the sessions, computers will not be required (lecture format). Mac computers will only be required during hands-on sessions, to be able to test things.
Some Mac computers will be available for participants without Mac computers. Send an email to reserve one of them.

Do I need iOS development experience?
No, but you will need object-oriented programming experience. The first day of the summer school will be a crash-course on iOS development, covering both language (objective-C) and tools (Xcode).

I already have iOS development experience. Should I attend the first day?
Although the first day covers an introduction to iOS, it will be oriented to games, which means that even iOS developers can still learn new things regarding iOS game development.

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